The Effect of Climate And Environment on Human Mental State and Health

  • Fayaz Gul Mazloum Yar Faculty of Education, Nangarhar University, Nangarhar Afghanistan
  • Mohammad Ishaq Shaheedzooy Faculty of Education, Nangarhar University, Nangarhar Afghanistan


Altitude is one of the best-affecting structural factors in the Earth's environment. The access to all-around temperatures has led to abundant challenges for animal health. Addressing ecology issues through temperature abridgment and after the convalescent animal bloom has become one of the most important apropos in avant-garde times, accessible through ecology and basal changes. Air, one of the bristles' capital elements (air, water, food, heat, and light) for animal survival, is of accurate importance. On a boilerplate day, an animal requires about 14,000 liters (14 cubic meters) of air. Typically, an animal can survive up to 5 weeks after aliment and up to 5 canicule after water, but after air, adaptation is bound to bald minutes. Climatology encompasses an ample ambit of studies, not alone aural the branch of atmospheric science but additionally involving animal ecology concerns. This cogent anatomy of ability can ascendancy assorted animal needs, such as food, energy, health, concrete and brainy well-being, and more. This analysis was conducted through a library abstraction method. Based on the afterward titles and keywords, an array of sources, including acceptable anesthetic books and accessories about the anniversary of the acute apparatus such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, sunlight radiation, wind, and rainfall's appulse on brainy and cerebral bloom and diseases, were studied. It appears that climate, which includes assorted elements such as wind, rain, and snow, can comedy a cogent role in animal emotions. Given that these accustomed phenomena accept altered furnishings in our lives, anecdotic them can accord to convalescent brainy and cerebral altitude in our circadian lives.


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Mazloum Yar, F. G., & Shaheedzooy, M. I. (2024). The Effect of Climate And Environment on Human Mental State and Health. Randwick International of Social Science Journal, 5(1), 75-83.