Interculturality in St. Paul University Philippines

  • Allan Peejay M. Lappay Director, Alumni, External Relations, and Advocacies St. Paul University Philippines


This study discusses the interculturality of St. Paul University Philippines along its educational designs. Utilizing the descriptive research method and integral approach, it relates the convergence and the interaction of the members of the academic community with diverse profile manifested through their cultural backgrounds and faith affiliations. It also demonstrates SPUP’s practices along learning environment, policies and regulations, and programs and activities towards intercultural engagement. Lastly, it exhibits the ability of SPUP to foster a cultural experience integral of the Paulinian Core Values, namely: charity, charity, charism, commission, and Christ.


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Lappay, A. P. M. (2023). Interculturality in St. Paul University Philippines. Randwick International of Social Science Journal, 4(3), 517-525.