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Randwick International of Social Science (RISS) Journal
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RISS Journal is a journal published in January, April, July and October
The RISS Journal publishes research and analysis papers in the fields of social science include humanities such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, law, criminology, history, culture, cross-cultural studies, ethics, education, economy, geography, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social welfare political, Social Information and Technology, population studies, performing arts, visual arts, human right studies, gender and sexuality, religious studies. RISS Journal is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue
Vol. 5 No. 2, RISS Journal, April 2023
Published: 2024-04-30

Sociodemographic Background Predisposing Youths into Gang Violence in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria
Ogunmefun Folorunsho Muyideen | Aborisade A. Richard | Atere Adewole |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.946
Striking Balance in Democratic Governance: The Battle for Control between the Administrative and Legal Branches
Yaron Katz|
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.883

Relationship History of Parenting and Antenatal Care Visits with Stunting Events in Children Aged 24-36 Months in West Aceh Regency
Cut Hartati | Etti Sudaryati | Fikarwin Zuska |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.949

The Effect of Land Area, Labor, Fertilizer Subsidyon Agricultural Production In Indonesia
Pangihutan Syafriansyah Pasaribu | Fitrawaty | M. Fitri Rahmadana |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.950

The Social Realities of Tausug Women in Tausug Contemporary Kalangan
Sharifa Sittie Zehanie Kabirun |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.945

Illicit Sex, Karma and Karmic Discredit in Kunle Afolayan’s Citation
Abiodun Olukayode Tairu |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.957

Metaphor in Petatah Petitih of Babako Ceremony in Minangkabau Wedding Tradition
Fauziah Khairani Lubis | Syamsul Bahri |Aulia Risky Harlina |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.958

Reconciliation and Peacebuilding of Standup Comedy South Africa
Idowu James Adekunle |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.962

Fundamental Problems of Water Resources Management in the Helmand River Basin, Afghanistan
Salman Ali Nabavi |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.963

Candidacy Endorsement and Rebuttals as Mediated Campaign Strategies in The 2023 Nigerian Election
Fredrick Friday John | Olubimpe Olasunmbo Adekunle |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.948

The Flag as a Symbol and Vision of Peace, Democracy, and Nation-Building
Joan Davison | Jesenko Tešan |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.964

Building Resilient Campuses: A Blueprint in Proposing Safe Spaces to Address Sexual Grooming in Academia
Junry G. Tianzon | Zenaida Villacete | Leany Barasi | Janalyn Salvador | Hernando L.B.Jr. | 303-312
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.965
Dissatisfaction Desires and Deterioration Loneliness in Ernest Hemingway’s Cat in the Rain
Thulfiqar Abdulameer Sulaiman Alhmdni | 313-317
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v5i2.967
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