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Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science (RIELS) Journal

RIELS Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published in March, June, September and December welcomes research papers in Education; all levels, stages and processes of education (e.g. formal, informal, non-formal, early childhood, lifelong, schooling, adult education, vocational education and training, higher education), research in language teaching, and curriculum and Instruction Design. Linguistic; sociolinguistic, pragmatic, semantic, phonetic, phonology, applied linguistic, second language acquisition. Art; analyzing novel, poetry, and drama. Other related areas, it is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue: Vol.2 No.3, RIELS Journal, September
Published: 2021-07-27

. xpdf Design Mathematical Activity in Mathematics Classroom: Decimal Number
| Sunti Bunlang | Maitree Inprasitha | Narumon Changsri |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.293

. pdf| Male and Female Students’ Discourse Competence at Kalamansig National High School
| Reynaldo B. Aranego | Bai Donna S. Aliman | Zaida K. Ulangkaya |

DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.294

. pdf Relationship between Teachers’ Professional Training and use of Instructional Strategies to Enhance Pupils’ Literacy Skills in Lower Primary Schools in Busia County, Kenya
| Otwate Paul | Nyakwara Begi | Margaret Mwangi

. pdf Spelling Worktext and Performance of Grade 11 Students of Esperanza National High School
| Imei M. Soquita, MAT | 
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.296

. pdf Synthesis of Research on Mathematical Thinking Development under the Lesson Study and Open Approach Context
| Jatuporn Nasinsroy | Maitree Inprasitha | Narumon Changsri |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.300

. f Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Activities and the Students’ English Oral Proficiency
| Zaida K. Ulangkaya |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.301

. pdf Influence of Teachers’ Subject Competence and Teaching Experience on Use of Instructional Strategies to Enhance Pupils Literacy Skills in Busia County, Kenya
| Otwate Paul | Nyakwara Begi | Margaret Mwangi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.299

. pdf Utilization of Financial Resources and Development of School Facilities and Services for Students and Teachers of Esperanza National High School
| Karlyn B. Rico, MAT |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.297

. df Metal Craft Studio Development: An Idea to Prepare a Teaching Factory Education Concept Model in the Craft Education Study Program, Yogyakarta State University
| Iswahyudi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.302

. The Teaching Practices of Senior High School English Teachers in Maguindanao, Philippines
| Saima A. Sansaluna-Maulana |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.303

. Unpacking Teacher’s Self-understanding in Technology Use during COVID-19 Pandemic
| Fatimah Zahro Assidiq | Dewi Rochsantingsih | Nur Arifah Drajati |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.273

. Analysis of the Application of the Online Learning System (Spada) to Increase Student Learning Activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic 
| Oktaviandi Bartua Pardede | Nanda Dwi Astri |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.304

. Inflexive Marker and Morphophonological Processes in the Lamalera Dialect of Lamaholot Language (LDLL)
| Yosef Demon | Veronika Genua |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.306

. Teaching English to Sanitary Students
| Akram Hashemi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.298

. Imperative Sentences in Java Ngoko in North Sumatra 
| Nanda Dwi Astri | Oktaviandi Bartua Pardede |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.305

. Sectarianism: Nature and Defining Criteria 
| Fareed Hameed Al-Hindawi | Basim Jubair Kadhim |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.230

. Effects of DynEd Reading Course on Students’ Reading Proficiency and Reading Motivation
| Bai Donna S. Aliman | 
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.307

. Do Teacher Questions Function as Assessment for Learning ?
| Hieronimus Canggung Darong | Erna Mena Niman |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.308

. Falewuo (Kebambuan) Glosarium in Society Nias: Ecolinguistic Study
| Rahmawati | Dwi Widayati |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.309

. Social Media Usage for Learning English Language  
| Saidatul Hanim |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.289

. SFE Learning Model for High School Mandarin Teachers in Tebing Tinggi City 
| Julina | Niza Ayuningtias | Rudiansyah |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.313

. Relationship between Instructional Leadership and Implementation of Competency-Based Curriculum in Early Years Education in Nairobi City County, Kenya
| Roselynn Awili | Nyakwara Begi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.280

. Relationship between School Climate and Early Years Teachers Professional Identity in Kenya
| Phyllis M. Magoma | Teresa Mwoma | Esther Waithaka |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.319

. Transitivity and Bidirectional Framing in Telecommunication Advertisements
| Fredrick Friday John | Oluwadamilare Daniel Atolagbe |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.238

. Investigating Arman Shahr in Asi’s Poems
| Imamuddin Ibrahimi | Habibullah Haqiqat | Shafigullah Shafaqat |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v2i3.336

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